Why Choose Bifold Doors for your project?


The most popular quality these bifold doors have is that they open up your house allowing fantastic views of your garden and letting in large expanses of light. On average bifold doors can provide your opening with around 90% glass, imagine an opening 3 metres wide, you could have up to 2.7 meters of that as glass. There are no other common types of domestic door that can offer this quality.

These types of doors are more commonly used for openings which are over 2.5 meters as over this size options like French doors or Sliding patio Doors become an unlikely option for your opening. (If you are looking for Sliding Doors or French Doors and you think bifold doors may not be the option for you then our sister company G&N Windows can help you with both of these).

What’s the best material?

Bifold doors have undertaken quite the facelift over the past few years; they have gone from non-thermally broken doors used throughout Europe for shop fronts to being the UK’s must have home improvement. The thermally broken Aluminium bifold doors we supply from Schuco and Origin have been extremely popular with our customers with around 97% of the bifold doors we have sold over the past 5 years being Aluminium.

Below are a few points to take into consideration… (Don’t let us sway you too much!)

  • UPVC has a history of expanding at a much greater rate than that of Aluminium, This is more likely to happen during the hotter months, and ironically this is likely to be when you would use your doors the most! Timber is also a product which has a tendency to change shape over time as it is a natural product which is prone to being affected by the weather and needing upkeep over time.
  • There is a larger panel size available with Aluminium doors than UPVC with it being possible to manufacture an Aluminium pane up to 1.2m wide (Sometimes wider) and UPVC only being 0.9m wide, this would mean your UPVC door would have more panes and in turn more frame to obstruct your view, our Timber products are also limited to a 850mm sash width
  • Something else to take into consideration is the strength of UPVC against Aluminium. As UPVC is the weaker product and only lined internally with Aluminium it does have the tendency to sag and warp over time with the weight of the doors. Whereas Aluminium doors are designed to take the weight of the doors while keeping their shape.
  • Additionally you can have your Aluminium bifold doors in 100’s of colours, finishes and wood grain effects!

Why the big difference in cost?


Unlike products such as French Doors or Sliding doors each of our bifold doors are bespoke made to suit the needs of your opening and as well as meeting the needs of your design. The benefits the doors bring to your home far out way the cost. This unrivalled product is a great addition to your home.

Doors with only 2 openers or which slide alongside each other on a track are able to operate adequately with standard low costing hardware such as hinges and rollers. Our bifold doors operate on a precision engineered system allowing smooth operation for the duration of its life, extremely efficient weather sealing while keeping the door low maintenance.

We guarantee the smooth running of your doors along with a 10 year guarantee on parts and labour*.

*Glass guaranteed for 5 years.

U Values

There are a lot of factors which will affect the U-Value of your bifold door such as: Size, Number of panes, opening configuration and whether to opens inwards or outwards. If desired it is also possible to increase the U-Value of your door with different glass specifications.

But we can assure that all of our bifold doors exceed current building regulations and all come with severe weather rating certification.

Top Hung or Bottom Hung Bifold doors?

All of the Doors that we supply at Herts Bifold Doors are bottom hung. We have seen competitors come across countless problems where customers have not had the correct structural calculations made to support the doors, in some cases we have even seen builders have to redo brickwork to be able to incorporate a lintel or steel as support. This meant that when we found what we feel are the best manufacturers we saw it as a massive bonus that they are all bottom hung.


Top hung doors can also suffer from the top track enlarging over time, allowing the door to move out of line and affect the opening and closing operation.

With our bottom hung doors we have had no issues with supporting lintels or calculations relating to the support of the doors as there is very little downward weight on the supporting beam, majority of the weight has been transferred to the bottom rolling track and throughout the brickwork below. This means that bottom hung bifold doors rarely need to be adjusted as there is much less of a chance of the doors dropping.

What are the possible threshold options?

The main desire for our customers is that they are able to create a seamless transition from inside to outside without having to step over a chunky frame. Your possible threshold options largely depend on your plans for the flooring outside of your bifold door.

Although we offer a flush threshold we do not however recommend this, largely as it does not meet current building regulations and with the current weather we are having quite honestly it is likely to leak like a siv!

With this in mind we offer our customers a standard threshold with our Aluminium doors and have a few tricks up our sleeves to achieve a minimal step! We work with adjusting your brick work and sinking the frame to allow your floor levels to meet the threshold to meet your criteria.

Take a look at our thresholds page for more information.

How do we get a price from Herts Bifold Doors?

Click on any of the ‘Get a quote’ buttons on the website to be able to fill in a form which will send an email directly to our sales team or call the office, from here they will run your specifications through our system and reply with your individual price. Alternatively visit our showroom and have a look at the doors yourselves and have a talk to one of our trained representatives.