Do G&N Windows offer a guarantee?

We offer a 10 year company guarantee on all parts and labour, we will rectify your problem free of charge as long as it is not through fault of your own such as damage or misuse. This is backed up with a 10 year Insurance backed guarantee from the Consumer Protection Association. Once our work has been completed we will give you an insurance backed guarantee form, this is then to be filled out and sent back to the CPA where it is processed and a form sent out. For more information visit the Consumer Protection Association website (link to website within the name).

What’s the cost of new windows and how long will it take?

Each installation cost depends on the style and specification of your chosen windows, no job is too big or small. G&N windows offer both a supply and installation or a supply only service.

It generally takes around 3-4 days to install around 8-10 windows in a house, bay windows take a whole day to complete as do entrance doors, additional time may be needed to make any final adjustments of finishing up. Our installers will tend to start upstairs and work their way around and down one window at a time, although they are able to work in a different order which is more convenient for you.

What happens to my old windows and doors?

We will clear all frames and glass from the site and dispose of them for you.(Link to configurations possible, like the Origin brochure page)

What Security features should I ask for on my windows and doors?

All of our windows come with a range of security features as standard. Internal glazing beads, shoot bolt locking systems and lockable internal handles. If you have a specific feature in mind, please let a member of our team know and we will see what we are able to do for you.

Will my windows reduce the noise from outside?

Yes! Modern double glazed windows have much thicker glass units than windows of 10 years ago. This cuts down the noise transfer meaning you hear less noise in your home. If you have specific needs for acoustically performing windows we can provide you with an extensive range of glazing options to suit any requirements.

What does Dummy Vented mean?

You will notice that with UPV windows visually you can see where the opening sashes are compared to the fixed panes. By dummy venting a window you essentially install a false sash where a fixed pane would be, creating a symmetrical look to each individual window. *CAN WE HAVE IMAGES OF BOTH BY THE SIDE*

How do I need to get my home ready for my installation?

You will need to remove the window dressing such as ornaments on the window board and curtains for the installers to have clear access to the windows. This may include moving furniture or potted plants away from the window area.

Will the installer need access to my house? Are they reliable?

Yes, our installer’s will need access to both the exterior and interior of your house to carry out window replacements. We will ensure that any mess is cleared away when the job is finished.

Please feel free to check our customer reviews or our previous installations, we are registered with the consumer protection association as ‘G&N Windows’ and our reference number is 935.

Do I need planning permission for windows?

Planning permission is not normally required for repairing, fitting or replacing doors and windows unless you own a listed building. If you live in a conservation area (or other designated area) you should consult with your local planning authority. Visit for more information.

Can I change just the door or do I need a frame?

Majority of homeowners change the frame at the same time as they change their door. That is because timber frames are often the first to fail, either because of rot or the fixing into the wall becoming loose over time. Also, changing both the frame and the door allows you to specify security features. Changing the frame also means you are free to choose a new colour and the installer can fit insulation around the frame to improve thermal performance and eliminate draughts.

How do I clean the frames?

Normally, a soft cloth and warm soapy water is all that is required to remove dirt and grime, if you want a professional quality finish, specialist PVC-U cream cleaner is available to buy from all Eurocell branches nationwide. Abrasive clothes and solvents should never be used to clean PVU-U as they will damage the surface finish of the profile.