Below we have made a chart to show our honest opinions on each of our products. Although there may be drawbacks for some of them there are also a lot of positive points to be considered.

If you would like to read more about each of the products we have a range of pages on our site for you to explore and read through to make your decision.

Systems Chart

UPVC Aluminium
Thermal Efficiency fourstar threestar
Durability fourstar fivestar
Low Maintenance fivestar fivestar
Low Price fourstar fivestar

The more stars the better quality, or in the case of price, the more stars the more expensive…

Thermal Efficiency:

Each product has a different level of thermal efficiency, UPVC is the best thermally efficient and cost effective product. It is more difficult to make aluminium thermally efficient as its thermal bleed is through the frame which it is extremely expensive to upgrade.


UPVC is an extremely durable product as it is strong tough and resilient, although unlikely it is possible Aluminium can pick up rust. UPVC is unlikely to need to be changed for any reason other than a change of style. We at G&N windows offer a 10 year guarantee on all parts and Labour.*


Regardless of how well timber is made it will always require maintenance over the years. Ali in contrast is considered the most durable as it is less susceptible to degeneration, a ridged product with no expansion / contraction issues, however will still need maintenance every now and then. UPVC although not quite as durable as aluminium only requires an occasional wipe down with a cloth to keep them looking good. Both Aluminium and UPVC have the advantage they do not rot, rust or fade, with virtually no maintenance they are both convenient and time-saving.


Although there are varying prices for different products we aim to supply and install the very best quality throughout our range.

*5 year guarantee on glass.